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Here’s a little teaser for my 3rd story (title’s a secret for now). Needed to reset my eyes/mind before cleaning up TWTHN, so I spent the last 2.5 weeks writing out the first draft of this. It’s been in development for a very long time, so getting to this stage is a huge win for me. Here’s the history:

  • 2008: Wrote a 30 pg. script (my first one ever) that would be the first iteration of this story. In hindsight, it kinda read like the pilot for a TV series. It was trash.
  • 2009: Tonnes more development and iteration of this world, both drawing and writing, but struggled to connect everything together. Drew a few comic pages of potential short stories, none of them completed.
  • 2010: A certain film came out this year that rocked and wrecked my world. I loved it, it was everything I wished my story could be. There were even a few eerie similarities to what I’d been writing. I got depressed, stopped working on DPC and moved onto other ideas.
  • 2011: Read an old classic novel and wanted to write an adaptation of it for practice. *CLICK* This story would fit well with my DPC work, what if I combined the two?
  • 2012 – 2015: Passive development of this potential new version of DPC.
  • 2016: After urging from a friend, I started spending my commute time writing instead of reading. Printed all DPC notes and started developing this new version.
  • ROADBLOCKS: Writing on paper is refreshing, but very hard to organize and rearrange. This combined with lots of new ideas associated with the source novel made it very hard to figure out the story and how it would progress. I was stumped again.
  • 2017 – 2018: Started writing digitally on tablet during commutes. Purposely did NOT look at previous work, but created a new outline from scratch instead. The puzzle pieces were falling into place, but something was still missing…
  • 2018 spring/summer: Compiled all written and digital notes. *THE BIG CLICK* After looking through all the work so far and reminiscing on some unpleasant experiences I went through in 2016 (unrelated), I finally figured out what I wanted to say with this story. Everything became unified. Trimmed away the excess fat and finished the prep work.
  • 2018 winter: Here we are…

I had way too much fun writing this story. It was smooth sailing except for 2 scenes in the back quarter. I’ll have to see how it all reads when I pull it out of the drawer again for revisions in a couple years. Now it’s time to clean some comic pages!