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Fourth Step, Fifth Step

I finally finished roughing-out the book. It’s 239 pages right now, which is pretty close to my initial estimate. Making it to the end was a real endurance test for me. I’m feeling conflicted about my pacing and the breaks I took in-between, but I think they were necessary to keep my head on straight.

One thing I can say for sure is that I’m much more confident with comic layout than I was back in April. I love how efficient storytelling through comics can be (compared to storyboarding). It was also interesting to note that action scenes were easier to plan out than the dialogue scenes (the complete opposite for me when I storyboard).

This is the closest I’ve been to releasing the finished story. But first, there are a couple things to take care of:

Edits. I was making notes on the side as I went through the thumbs, so now I have go back and fix whatever needs fixing. There are a couple scenes where I was unsure of the pacing, so I might need to +/- a page where necessary. This process shouldn’t take too long, and I’d rather spend some time now than overhaul clean pages at the end.

Location designs are soft-locked because I’ll be nailing them down and maintaining continuity when I draw the final pages. I’m still undecided about the colour script. Might just figure that out scene by scene as well.

Very excited to get this all up and running!