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Time for another round of adjusting dates to better fit Will’s…lack of productivity?

Kidding. I did get stuff done, just not enough as I’d hoped. Making the trailer threw me for a loop, but in the end it was actually helpful. Like a test run of how the comic would look if I tried to jump into it right then and there, with whatever I’d prepared so far. The general feeling was that I’d probably fall flat on my face. It was a good try though.

I can guess what you’re thinking. Stop making excuses and just make the comic. Yeah…nope. I’m close, but not close enough.

There are a small handful of character designs that I have to nail down. The majority of them are done, but not all of them are cleaned up, or have full turnarounds. After making the trailer I think that a thorough design cleanup might be a waste of time. What I’ll probably do is one clean drawing of each design to lock the colours and everything, then just do my best in the final pages to keep it all consistent.

For locations, there’s quite some work to be done. The backgrounds in the trailer were a first pass at them. I definitely need to spend a chunk of time nailing them all down, as well as finding a consistent style for drawing them. Drawing BGs was fun, but not something I’m very experienced at. I do look forward to getting better at them.

Launch date in 2019. I’m not gonna comment on this for fear of jinxing anything. 😉