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All Over The Place

It’s May! My day-job has wrapped up, which means I can work on this full-time now. So, how are things looking?

There are only 3 character designs left to finish up, but they’re not too urgent, so I’m gonna call a soft-lock on this bottle. I still want to do a single clean colour of each design, but I’ll save that for after the thumbnails are finished. Just in case I decide not to colour the comic.

I’ve roughed out 19 pages (yay!). Based on progress so far, I’m estimating the finished book to be around 200-250 pages. Definitely not more than 300 pages, but we’ll see how some of the heavier sequences turn out. I’m gonna see how much I can get done by August, then adjust the schedule from there.

Location designs are moving in tandem with thumbnails as mentioned in the previous post.

The website is half done. All that’s left is filling in the content and making sure everything looks good.

2019 launch date for sure! But which month will be a surprise…for now.

Scattered progress is better than no progress, right?